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I had known only 2 trainers uptil now. One, Lord Krishna and the other Vivekanand. Today I am adding a third one – Mr. Sunil Chandra.


Mr. Rakesh Chauhan, Marketing Manager, Glorious Electronics, Faridabad

This is an excellent training program. This program was all about an individual, how he can be best all the time always & about positive attitude. Mr. Sunil Chandra mesmerizes and so does his training methodology. 


Mr. Munish Verma, Senior Executive, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (P) Ltd., Gurgaon   (Mob: +91-9811571275)

It’s a life changing program. After doing this program I feel I am on top of the world.



Mr. Rajesh Budhwar, Director, Spark Technologies Ltd., New Delhi      (Mob: +91-9810296966)

Program will be much beneficial in terms of self and organizational development. I value the Program as my 2nd Birth today.



Mr. Jitender Saini, Sr. Executive, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (P) Ltd., Gurgaon   (Mob: +91-9911966177)

"I have seen Mr. Sunil Chandra over a period of last 5 years as an OD consultant and Corporate Trainer. His ability to diagnose the issues affecting a client`s performance is precise and the capability to weave a solution quite effective. I believe Mr. Chandra is one of the finest human trainers in this field where a lot of novices claim to be "experts". His understated demeanour, ability to motivate his participants and carry a workshop solidly on his shoulders make him a coveted speaker and a much sought after consultant. 


This is to wish him all the best in all his endeavours."


Mr. Manjot K.S. Gill - Director at Mind Bridge Films and Chief Mentor at Mind Bridge Asia

Has anybody seen GOD? All the 3 days when Mr. Sunil Chandra was conducting the sessions I felt the power cosmic energy in his words. God has come to us in the form of Mr. Sunil Chandra to guide our lives. Full of enthusiasm, full of energy – excellent in every way. I salute him from the core of my heart. I used to consider myself a stalwart in financial planning as I am Finance Manager myself. But in this area also, Mr. Sunil Chandra has opened my eyes.


Mr. S D Gautam, Sr. Manager (F), SJVN Ltd., Thorali, Uttarakand    (Mob: +91-8979723584)

Very comprehensive, very enlightening, practical and powerful. Very well conducted – absolutely spell bounding.


Thanks a million for having me at your workshop. The experience has been exhilarating. To be a student once again was a very humbling experience. The workshop has been very enlightening and illuminating. Your delivery was impeccable. Substantiating life`s principles with an appropriate example simply hit the nail in the head. The module was comprehensive drawing out technique from sociology, career counselling and management training. Thanks for enriching my life. Hope to be a part of many such endeavours.



Mrs. Veena Upadhyay, Professor of English (Mob: +91-9810703595)

I fully endorse the program Be Your Best – Leader. I am thankful to my HRD for choosing such a wonderful program and such a learned faculty who has shown the mirror to us. We are already working on senior positions and are already leaders but Mr. Sunil Chandra has made me redefine my life with new dimensions & perspectives. It is clear that Mr. Sunil Chandra has done tremendous research & homework to deliver such an excellent program. He has done a very good job and it has touched each one of us in a very big way. He has truly empowered each one of us. Throughout, the program was interactive. Mr. Sunil Chandra’s approach was unique which I have never seen before.


Mr. J Debnath, Sr. Manager, SJVN Ltd., Shimla   (Mob: +91-9418017963)

I am very lucky person that I am associated with Sunil Chandra ji. I find him to be a very fine person and now I have requested him to become my mentor and he has very graciously agreed to become my mentor. I look forward to grow under his shadow and under his guidance.


Dr. SK Goel, Shimla   (Mob: +91-9816066551)

I am thankful to the faculty Mr. Sunil Chandra for conducting this nice & powerful training given by him. Today, I am very confident in communication skills and mind has become focussed.


Mr. Harish Kumar Sharma, Sr. Manager, SJVN Ltd., Shimla     (Mob: +91-9418162544)


The hard work & research of Mr. Sunil Chandra in delivering this Training Workshop is something which, I believe, is next to impossible. Standing for such long hours, maintaining highest level of energy and training us on deep fundamentals of life & leadership was an outstanding experience for me.



Mr. Deepak Kumar Sinha, Sr. Manager, SJVN Ltd., Naharlagun, Arunachal Pradesh     (Mob: +91-9418027517)


Mr. Sunil Chandra encouraged to ask questions freely which made the program very interactive and gripping. Be Your Best – Leader has changed my vision. I have learnt to be happy and I will grow in all spheres of my life. I have for the first time understood the difference between pleasure & happiness. Now I know what is spirituality.



Mr. M S Thakur, Sr. Manager (Design), SJVN Ltd., Shimla   (Mob: +91-9418487920)

Everything under the cloud was covered. Missing pieces of the puzzle that is life were provided by Mr. Sunil Chandra. This Program should be held again & again.


Mr. Ashutosh Bahuguna, Sr. Manager (E), SJVN Ltd., Tharali, Shimla     (Mob: +91-9418041600)


Dynamic, confident & forceful way of teaching of Mr. Sunil Chandra. Through this program I learnt to overcome obstacles in becoming a born leader and leading a happy & energetic life. I have gained tremendous inner strength from this Program – BE YOUR BEST – LEADER.


Mr. M K Sharma, Sr. Manager, SJVN Ltd., Shimla   (Mob: +91-9418050906)

This is really transforming program in present and future scenario.



Mr. Pradeep Kathuria, Managing Director, Track Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi  (Mob: +91-9810734146)

I am very lucky to have this training course at a very young stage which captured the essence of life – how life should be lived exactly.


Mr. Seemant Prakash,  Jumbo Electronics, Dubai

It`s a very effective program and trainer has made all out efforts to make it appealing and interesting.



Mr. Arun Talwar, Director, Sesame Workshop India    (Mob: +91-9810114644)


These sessions have enriched me with enthusiasm and positive attitude.



Mrs. Kusum Kalia, Housewife     (Mob: +91-9855087644)

This course taught me choosing something better between 2 good choices and choosing the lesson even between the 2 wrong choices.


Mr. Ankit Gupta, Asst. Manager, HDFC Bank    (Mob: +91-9811673099)

This training helped me in removing all the cobwebs of my mind.


Mrs. Pooja Bhatia, Entrepreneur    (Mob: +91-9899115050)


Mr. Sunil Chandra has made us MBA in life within 3 days. Today I have felt that I have passed MBA.



Mr. J K Mahajan, Sr. Manager, SJVN Ltd., Bhutan   (Mob: +91-8894973548)


Really well structured, powerful supported with all relevant intelligent easy to understand visual slides. The experience can`t be expressed in words.



Ms. Yamini Sharma, HR Professional     (Mob: +91-9910693990)

Very great Program. Will help a lot who really want to develop themselves, want to lead, want to grow in future. Wonderful to have this Program.


Mr. Praveen Khandelwal, Executive, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (P) Ltd., Gurgaon      (Mob: +91-9911537402)

Excellent program which definitely going to transform my personality, essential to become a great leader.


Mr. Lalit Mohan Sharma, Sr. Executive, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (P) Ltd.    (Mob: +91-9810848814)

It was fun learning due to your contributions towards the discussion. It was a great show in great environment and with interesting people. We all learned a lot and enjoyed a lot. It was a great experience. I really thank you all for sharing your learning and experiences.


Mrs. Ratika Arora, Manager, Hotspot Infodot Pvt. Ltd.     (Mob: +91-9873933933)

It was really great to attend this four days. You made us great leaders. Your thought, idea, were great. Every question dissolve before coming in mind. We get our answers. It was my first experience but hearthy thanks & heads of to you for cleaning us from inside. Need your blessing that I use in my daily life.


Mrs. Pooja Bansal, MD, Hotspot Infodot Pvt. Ltd.    (Mob: +91-9999900992)

Respected चन्द्राजी, हम यहाँ पर 3 दिन कैसे व्यतीत किये, इसका   पता ही नहीं चला । बहुत अच्छी तरह से इन्होंने हमें Training दी,   इसको मैं शब्दों में बयान नहीं कर सकती । इस Training को लेने के   बाद मुझे एसा लगा कि अभी तो मुझे बहुत कुछ करना है, I have   miles to go. इस Program को Corporation के सारे कर्मचारियों को   कराया जाये, तो हमारे निगम की बहुत तरक्की होगी ।


Mrs. Malti Pandey, Sr. Manager (Hindi), SJVN Ltd., Jhakri    (Mob: +91-9418475032)

इस Training से मुझे बहुत ज्ञान मिला । इतने सारे Topics Sunil Chandra ने कैसे cover कर लिये, इसका मुझे आश्चर्य हुआ । मैं इस Training को repeat करना चाहूँगा ।


Mr. B P Singh, Sr. Manager (IT&C) SJVN Ltd., Shimla     (Mob: +91-9418075542)


I have no words to express my feelings on what all has been taught by Sunil Chandra. I do not think that there is anybody in this training who may not have undergone transformation. This program should be conducted for every employee of the corporation.


Mr. Prashant Sharma, Sr. Manager (Electrical), SJVN Ltd., Jhakri, Shimla       (Mob: +91-9418095010)

This 3 day Program BYBL was a thrilling program for me. It has not only enlightened my horizon of thinking but it has also shown me ways to excel in my personal & professional life. Even in the area of financial planning in which I believed that I was very good, but after listening to Mr. Sunil Chandra, I realized that I was at the lowest level of financial planning in personal life.



Mr. Rajesh Kumar Jagota, Sr. Manager, SJVN Ltd., Dehradun     (Mob: +91-9418163297)

I thank my Personnel Dept. for nominating me to this   powerful Program Be Your Best – Leader. I regard this as an   opportunity of life time through which I could attend such a   wonderful program. इस program ने मुझे जितना enlighten किया है उसका जवाब नहीं । I will apply the insights gained in my day to day life to create a better environment for me, my family & my professional colleagues.


Mr. Vikas Mahajan, Sr. Manager (PP&M), SJVN Ltd., Jhakri, Shimla     (Mob: +91-9418136497)

Mr. Sunil Chandra has broadened my vision from tunnel vision to funnel vision.


Dr. Vivek Anand Surin, Addl. CMO, SJVN Project Hospital, Jhakri, Shimla      (Mob: +91-9418075113)

I am inspired to develop good habits after attending Mr. Sunil Chandra’s program Be Your Best – Leader and I am convinced that everything else will follow automatically. I thank Mr. Sunil Chandra who has transformed my life. Initially when I saw the topic Be Your Best – Leader I was sceptical because we are all leaders or so I thought. But the forceful & passionate sessions conducted by Mr. Sunil Chandra were a great eye-opener. He was full of energy from morning till evening on all the 3 days.


Mr. Vijay Kumar Thakur, Sr. Manager (C), SJVN Ltd., Jhakri, Shimla     (Mob: +91-9418482200)

I have no words to express my feelings, thoughts and   sentiments on the wonderful 3 day program Be Your Best –   Leader. I will try to implement the great learnings from the   course in my personal & professional life.


Mr. Nagaraj, Sr. Manager (O&M), SJVN Ltd., Nathpa, Shimla      (Mob: +91- 9418066961)

I had read somewhere that all human beings are DIAMONDS. I never believed it then, but Mr. Sunil Chandra has made me a diamond by providing 4 things which go on to make a diamond – cut, clarity, carat & colour. I request my management to conduct this program for our families also.



Mr. Rakesh Kumar Bhardwaj, Sr. Manager, SJVN Ltd., Shimla    (Mob: +91-9418189431)

I will only say this much about Be Your Best – Leader program conducted by Mr. Sunil Chandra that very shortly I will personally visit him to request him to become my mentor for life.


Mr. Nand Lal, Sr. Manager, SJVN Ltd., Shimla     (Mob: +91-9418022262)

Mr. Sunil Chandra is a class trainer. He kept us all mesmerized for all the 3 days of the program Be Your Best – Leader. I admire his energy level which was at its highest peak throughout.


Mr. Pradeep Singh, Sr. Manager (C), SJVN Ltd., Jhakri, Shimla     (Mob: +91-9418075138)


I was a piece of glass. Mr. Sunil Chandra has made me into a precious diamond. I have been greatly impressed by the technique of enhancing my focus, concentration & memory.

Mr. Ashok Bhalla, Manager (PR), SJVN Ltd., New Delhi     (Mob: +91-9871179379)

What I learnt most importantly from the program how to achieve lasting happiness in life. Thanks to most respected Sunil Chandra. I truly understand the meaning of the word “professional” after this 3 day of Be Your Best – Leader.

Dr. B K Pandey, Manager (P&A), SJVN Ltd., New Delhi     (Mob: +91-9868830170)


Mr. Sunil Chandra has taught us to be a good human being.



Mr. I Guha, Sr. Manager, SJVN Ltd., Shimla      (Mob: +91-9816054184)

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